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Stack Rattle & Roll Block set

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"Stacking Toy: This toy is perfect for the classic stacking game and provides hours of interactive play for your newborn. Each cube has a ball, and the weight of each ball aligns them with the cube below to keep them stacked as baby grows Safety Toys: This learning toy suits your baby's growing needs while stimulating their visual senses. Each soft block is square and can be placed on either side for easy stacking by baby Push toy: The elephant's wheels make it a great push toy to accompany the ride with or without obstacles, stimulating active play and early* Baby Rattle: Shake the ball inside each cube to attract baby's attention and stimulate hearing*. With so much to see, hear and touch, your baby will never get bored! MADE BY LAMAZE: It's time to play! The best way to share your love, connect with your kids and help them feel safe. All our baby toys are created through dedicated research to create the spark of growth"
Encourage your baby's early learning and development with our Lamaze Stack, Rattle & Roll Blocks educational toys! A custom designed fun baby toy to keep your baby entertained. A perfect baby's first stacking toy! Inside each textured cube is a ball that makes a noise. But it doesn't stop there! When the little one stacks the cubes onto the elephant rollers, and then on top of each other, the weight of each ball aligns and holds it in place. No tears. Just happy discovering! All of these features support baby's hand-eye coordination development and sensory stimulation, as well as imaginative play.The perfect learning fun to keep your little one entertained at home or on the go, as Stack, Rattle & Roll Blocks have no hazardous areas or surfaces and contain no parts small enough to ingest. Stack, Rattle & Roll blocks are the perfect baby shower gift - a gift for learning and early discovery!
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Age Group 0 to 2 Years