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SNUG SNACK Universal Silicone snack lid

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DON'T LET SNACKS ATTACK Boon SNUG Snack Cups are here for you. Toddlers love tossing things around, especially snacks. The handy silicone lids turn these cups into spill-proof containers with an opening in the lid that's the perfect size for a little hand to reach into. This snack set includes two stackable cups that each hold up to seven ounces. The lids are designed to fit most cups with diameters 3.25–4 inches. More munch, less mess.
"EASY TRANSITION: Silicone lid turns the cup into a snack container and can also be used over most cups sized 3.25–4 inches in diameter SPILL-PROOF DESIGN: Prevents spills and helps to keep drinks inside the baby cup EASY TO CLEAN: Flexible cup lids and storage containers are easy to use and dishwasher safe EASY REACH: The opening in the silicone lid is the perfect size for little hands, letting them easily grab a snack"
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Age Group 0 to 2 Years
Brand BOON